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Slack apps for meetings and standup sessions.

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Agile teams change. They become remote to retain talent. They seek for flexibility. Slack is their virtual office. This trend is fundamental but with downsides.
Such teams need updated management tools and principles. They run asynchronous workflows in Slack.

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Standuply is a Slack bot that runs standup meetings and track team performance. It collects team answers and data from 3rd party tools for a single standup report.

Standuply runs asynchronous standup meetings, builds Agile charts from JIRA and integrates with 3rd party tools to enrich standups with more data.

Think of Standuply as a Scrum Master working in thousands of teams. Based on data from JIRA, Standuply advises how to improve. It’s our basic A.I. on the mission to adapt processes in every Agile team.

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