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Multi vendor shopping cart software

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The Best Multi Vendor Shopping Cart
Separate admin panel for sellers
Automatic revenue split with sellers
Localized payments and shipping handling
Manage sales, commission, sellers and buyers

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best multi vendor platform | best multi vendor marketplace shopping cart software

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Start your own multivendor marketplace today with LARAVEL ECOMMERCE –multivendor marketplace script! The best buy and sell script is User friendly, Easily Customizable, Responsive Design, and Multi Domains with 100% Source code and Native Android/iOS Apps. Admin and seller will get a real time dashboard to monitor all the stages of sales. It is an effective marketplace platform where the merchants can include their own item and make a claim store in on the web and utilize that specific store page as their own site.
Main features-Unlimited Product/Merchants, Flexible Revenue Models, Coupon Code, Wallet, One Page Checkout, Cross Selling, Product Sold Count, Offer Deals, Product Comparison, Store Wise Shopping, Multi Level Categories, Categorized Search, shipping and return management, bulk product uploading And Much More

evendor - Multi vendor shopping cart software

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An Ecommerce Marketplace essentially gathers multiple vendors, each with their own product list from electronics to clothes, groceries to software's, all well organized into one well-coordinated catalogue, unlimited by stock, efficient filters, secured payment gateways and socially

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