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Use these tools to monitor your startup's vital signs.

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Monitor your brand on the Internet (social media monitoring).


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Get your free on-page SEO and usability report in 15 seconds.


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Powerful analytical tool


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Track your website rankings and SEO results.


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Datadog is a monitoring and analytics platform for cloud-scale application infrastructure. Combining metrics from servers, databases, and applications, Datadog delivers sophisticated, actionable alerts, and provides real-time visibility of your entire infrastructure. Datadog includes 100+ vendor-supported, prebuilt integrations and monitors hundreds of thousands of hosts.


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Monitor your SEO-performance. Number of backlinks, quality of backlinks. Benchmark with competitors and good ideas from their performance.


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Leftronic is a dashboard showing important metrics and information, in real time.


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User Retention is an important metric to be monitoring. Cohorts brings beautiful, easy-to-read charts to user retention.


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Advanced web analytics & customer intelligence.


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AccuRanker is a keyword tracking platform - it doesn’t just track keywords for search engine rankings, it also track other platforms such as Twitter, Facebook and YouTube. Google Analytics and webmaster tools can be integrated with the service which can offer a central dashboard to view the stats.


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Start listening to what's being said on the web and social web. React quickly, collaborate, and analyze your online presence.

Super Monitoring

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Monitoring websites for their uptime and basic functions.

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