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Best Online Tools for Remote Teamwork

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Today many businesses are managed online, in many cases by remote teams. Here's the list of great tools tested in everyday work by my teammates!

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Effective social listening tool for identifying sales leads, managing online reputation, building community and improving customer service


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Excelente para proyectos y tareas.

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Smart task management app for organizing projects and creating to-do lists


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Fastest way to capture your screen and share as a link

Heap Analytics

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Track events on your website or mobile app automatically. This mean that on the web, Heap tracks every single interaction like pageview, click, from submission etc. without any extra work on your side. Similarly on mobile.


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Brilliant CRM tool for communicating with customers online


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Excellent for content planning and sharing directly to social media networks


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Great project management tool for collaboration and tracking daily tasks


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Superb for online team communication, including instant messaging, document sharing and knowledge search

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