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Best Hair Transplant in Bangalore - DFT Hair Transplant @Kolors

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Kolors Hair Transplantation - DFT Hair Transplant, hair restoration and Crown Hair Transplantation For women and men at low cost in Bangalore with Quality Result. kolors is the best advanced hair transplant clinic surgery with 100% assured result For more information you can contact 9014406666

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kolors Health Care

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Hair Transplantation at Kolors:
Direct Follicular Technique (DFT)
In this process the individual follicles are extracted and inserted to the recipient location. This heals quickly. This procedure allows patients to have a greater number of hair follicles transplanted into their scalp in a single session. Immediate surgical recovery patients are able to resume their physical activity the next day with minimal instructions.
Why choose Kolors
• The technology used at Kolors, caters to various hair problems with the best results.
• Dedicated & well-experienced team of Hair Transplantation experts.
• Utmost care taken under hygienic conditions.
• World-class treatment.
• The best natural hair feel.
• Customized treatment.
• Hairline design
• Preoperative diagnostic evaluation and consultation.

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