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Best Communications Tools

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Best tools to collaborate within small companies and startups. 3-30 people

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Downright the best way to communicate in an office. It
s free and you can integrate it to most applications. No other tool like it. We've reduced a lot of internal emails and too many cc conversations on our emails.


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Thicket is a powerful tool for creating an online hug for one's startup. Comments and voting give a forum-like feel, while chat and video conferencing improves productivity. Teams can create nested branches at infinite levels, created an online hierarchy which fits their structure.


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Combination of Project management, Task management and team management.

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Fastest WRTC based P2P communication platform.. Allows screen sharing, direct messaging, and dynamic urls for on the fly meetings..


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Good for communication within a team (with or without external team-members), organized by project.

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