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Prototyping and sharing tools

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App prototyping and sharing tools

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Pidoco lets you quickly create, share and comment on interactive prototypes online.

Some cool features include:
* 400+ interactive UI elements and icons
* Gestures and transitions
* Custom templates and layers
* Multiple device types in one project
* View on mobile devices

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Simple platform to share app mockups and create clickable app prototypes. It is mostly targeted on prototyping for mobile devices: iPhone, iPad, Apple Watch, Android Phone or Android tablet.
It is also possible to create prototypes for custom devices like screens of access points or Apple TV. A huge advantage for UI/UX testing - opportunity to run your prototypes on the real devices in the native iOs and Android app.


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Quill is a lightweight tablet-based tool to help you easily visually communicate your ideas with your teammates through drawing.

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